We are in shock!!!

“WOW! That was an amazing before/after video!!!!!!! What a truly unbelievable job you did in the house. Thank you so much. It looks like a completely different house with sooooooo much more room. We are in shock!!!
Sincerely, Bill and Laura A.”

The Florida homeowner moved back to NJ to live with family after his wife passed away. The “kids (Bill & Laura)” were not able to come down and clear out the house for dad.

That’s where I come in.

It took over 80 labor hours to clear it out, clean it up, and Stage for Resale. And it was worth it!

See for yourself….Home Staging Video

Creative Solution

Ever have trouble finding just the right artwork that fits within your budget?

I needed a 3’x4′ picture with touches of orange, and a soothing feeling for my living room wall. After lots of shopping and not seeing what I wanted, a creative alternative solution was found.

At a local “Calico Corner” fabric store I discovered the ideal subject matter with the perfect colors, then with staple gun in hand I covered existing art that I wasn’t using.

“Before and After… A beautiful result for only $60″ YEAH!

Pic Before 2

Pic After 2

2015 Home Staging Profile

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Realtors say the value of Home Staging in today’s market is still going strong!

Do you agree?
Are you part of the 81% ?

Highlights from the article…

Among REALTORS® who typically represent the buyer,
– 49 percent report most buyers are effected by home staging, and
– 47 percent report some buyers are effected by home staging.

Among sellers’ agents 34 percent stage all homes,
– 13 percent stage difficult homes to sell, and
– 04 percent stage only high price bracket homes.

Thirty-two percent of buyers’ agents believe staged homes increases the dollar value buyers are willing to offer by one percent to five percent.

Review the entire 2015 Home Staging Profile article from the
National Association of REALTORS®

Peek-A-Boo… I See You!

Your eyes pay more attention when they have a delightful, interesting, and flowing path to follow when viewing your decorative items.

Too many items clumped together confuse the eye and takes away from the individual beauty of each item.

Allowing “white space” between accessories adds to their uniqueness.
Accessories are enhanced when they are displayed using various elevations.

Have you ever spilled something on the rug and didn’t get to clean that stain right away?

You see it daily and think… “I need to clean that.”

Before you know it, you don’t actually see it anymore because you are so accustomed to it. Weeks, months, or sometimes even years go by and that stain is still there.

The same thing happens with our surroundings. We get so accustomed to seeing our things, that on some level we hardly see them anymore. The simple act of editing down our stuff will showcase the remaining items. This is the case where “less is more.”

A creative simple trick to highlight our items is to elevate some of them. It’s so easy to use a small object like a tin box, upside down bowl or basket, covered by a cloth (linen napkin, doily, or hanky).

The eye likes visual interest. Think of a gentle wavy line for the eye to follow. Isn’t it more interesting when you travel by car to have something to look at besides flat land that is the same, mile after mile? After a while all of our stuff that is placed flat on a shelf, become that mile after mile feeling and you just hardly notice it anymore.

Now… go play Peek-A-Boo and… Enjoy!

What does your Entrance Way say about you?

Our home is a reflection of who we are.

What is your Front Door – Entrance Way saying about you?


Is it tidy, attractive, and inviting?
Is it messy, cluttered, and uninspiring?

When I visit a home, something as simple and practical as a “Welcome Mat” tells me a lot about who lives here.

Sometimes I smile at the joy the space brings. Sometimes, I shake my head and wonder “Don’t they get it?”

Decide for yourself which of these Welcome Mats are more inviting…

Pic - go away.

Pic - welcome

Does Home Staging Make A Difference?

Does Home Staging really make a difference?  You be the judge.  Here is an example of a recent clearing out and staging job.

Client’s office Before…          and After the Staging


Does the room look bigger, more inviting,  fresher?

You can use minimal items to enchance the look of a room.  Staging is all about highlighting the rooms best features.  In this case it’s the view from the windows, along with the larg size of the room.

How your surroundings shape you

Duane Cummings – “The Sensational Guy” shared Key # 2 “Understand how your surroundings shape you” while teaching the 7 Keys to a Sensational Life at the Women’s Prosperity Network Un-Convention in Florida.

I’m like going… “YEAH… someone else get’s it!”  I have been living and teaching this philosophy for years, as it relates to our home (and work) environments.

Most people understand that they are personally evolving.  Sure some are more aware of it than others, and some of us are actively and “consciously” involved in the process.  Yet many people don’t yet understand how their physical environments may not be in alignment with who they are now.  While they evolve, their surroundings are stagnant.

Look around you.  Is your physical environment, let’s say your home living room, nurturing who you are now… or what you desire to draw into your life?  For example, maybe you have been in a nesting mode.  Lots of study, reflection, and needing personal along time.  Now, you might be desiring to expand. To begin entertaining more, having gatherings, hosting an intimate event, or even drawing a “mate” into your life.

My point is…

Does your furniture arrangement meet the needs of the new you, or your new desires? 

Is there an easy flow in the room? Are the seating arrangements encouraging conversation or hindering it?  Do you have to yell across the room just to be heard?

Another example is when another person moves into your home.  Are their needs and styles being represented too?   What about when someone moves out.  Have you reclaimed your space?  Is your uniqueness being expressed?

Think of your space as a physical representation of YOU.  Take a closer look.  What does the room say about you?  Is it nurturing who you are now, or hindering you?  Does it represent who you once were… you know, that time warp thing.  Are your surroundings stuck in the past?  Holding you back too.

It is so much easier to shift your surroundings to nurture you, than you might think.  Simply rearranging your existing home furnishings, and often editing down a few items, will do the trick.  You will be amazed at the difference.

So… Release that stagnant energy.  Let the NEW YOU shine through!  If you need some assistance, contact me and I’ll be happy to be of service.

Home Staging Tip – Know Your Audience

A Home Staging tip that you wouldn’t think was necessary to mention, yet it is….. ”
Know Your Audience” and stage accordingly.

Why do I mention this?

Recently I was in a lovely staged model home.  Upon entering the master bedroom my first thought is “This is nice.”  Then looking through my Home Stager eyes, I noticed that the space was very feminine.  The two large pictures were, 1) of flowers and 2) of a women, accessories were flowery and feminine, the colors were soft and muted, there were tons of pillows on the bed.  You get the idea.

What the staging lacked was a “masculine” appeal.

Since it was a 3 bedroom home, I’ll bet they intended to also market it to families too.  With that said… Where is dad?

Know your audience!  Stage for both genders and blend styles that will appeal to each of them.  It’s easier than you think.

In this particular example, here are five easy fixes that would still appeal to both genders.

  • Remove at least half the pillows from the bed.                                                    How many men do you know that like that look?
  • Change the picture of “a women” to a picture of “a loving couple”.                 Include a guy in the room.
  • Use a scenery picture instead of the flower one.                                             Maybe something with mountains or woods.
  • Accessorize one side of the bed with a wooden box.                                         Instead of a flowery vase.
  • Add a dark earthy colored throw on the bed to accent the soft muted colors.  Helps ground the space and balance the energies.

It’s really easier than you think to include both genders when Staging a room.  The trick is… to think about it!

Stage to the audience… not just your taste.