Caring, Professional Home Furnishings Removal


“Having experienced the death of my dad, then mom four years later, the overwhelming task of clearing out all their home furnishings was an emotional and daunting task.” says Debbie DeBie, The Space Arranger.

“I discovered that helping  others clean out their loved one’s homes was much easier than doing it for my own family.”


We often walk through so many memories while dealing with every item in the home.  Sometimes, we even find ourselves climbing over those memories we didn’t want to deal with.  That adds yet another layer to the weight of the looming project.

This personal experience was the catalyst for refocusing the business from Home Staging and Redesign, to primarily Home Furnishings Removal.  While occasionally having done this task for others during the course of the business, this new level of understanding led to knowing… this is our calling!

Helping others when downsizing to a smaller living space, or sadly clearing out an entire house when a loved one dies, we’re here to honor their life by lovingly taking care of all that “stuff that’s accumulated over one’s lifetime.”

We’re here to lift that crushing burden.

Having all the resources and local strategic partners already in place made the shift easier.

Adding a philosophy of recycling, giving to charity, and knowing what’s of value or not, helps us heal our planet, be of service to those in need, and honor our clients.

Discover our “One Question Solution” and see how we can quickly, and efficiently be of service to you!

Does Home Staging Make A Difference?

Does Home Staging really make a difference?  You be the judge.  Here is an example of a recent clearing out and staging job.

Client’s office Before…          and After the Staging


Does the room look bigger, more inviting,  fresher?

You can use minimal items to enchance the look of a room.  Staging is all about highlighting the rooms best features.  In this case it’s the view from the windows, along with the larg size of the room.

How your surroundings shape you

Duane Cummings – “The Sensational Guy” shared Key # 2 “Understand how your surroundings shape you” while teaching the 7 Keys to a Sensational Life at the Women’s Prosperity Network Un-Convention in Florida.

I’m like going… “YEAH… someone else get’s it!”  I have been living and teaching this philosophy for years, as it relates to our home (and work) environments.

Most people understand that they are personally evolving.  Sure some are more aware of it than others, and some of us are actively and “consciously” involved in the process.  Yet many people don’t yet understand how their physical environments may not be in alignment with who they are now.  While they evolve, their surroundings are stagnant.

Look around you.  Is your physical environment, let’s say your home living room, nurturing who you are now… or what you desire to draw into your life?  For example, maybe you have been in a nesting mode.  Lots of study, reflection, and needing personal along time.  Now, you might be desiring to expand. To begin entertaining more, having gatherings, hosting an intimate event, or even drawing a “mate” into your life.

My point is…

Does your furniture arrangement meet the needs of the new you, or your new desires? 

Is there an easy flow in the room? Are the seating arrangements encouraging conversation or hindering it?  Do you have to yell across the room just to be heard?

Another example is when another person moves into your home.  Are their needs and styles being represented too?   What about when someone moves out.  Have you reclaimed your space?  Is your uniqueness being expressed?

Think of your space as a physical representation of YOU.  Take a closer look.  What does the room say about you?  Is it nurturing who you are now, or hindering you?  Does it represent who you once were… you know, that time warp thing.  Are your surroundings stuck in the past?  Holding you back too.

It is so much easier to shift your surroundings to nurture you, than you might think.  Simply rearranging your existing home furnishings, and often editing down a few items, will do the trick.  You will be amazed at the difference.

So… Release that stagnant energy.  Let the NEW YOU shine through!  If you need some assistance, contact me and I’ll be happy to be of service.

Home Staging Tip – Know Your Audience

A Home Staging tip that you wouldn’t think was necessary to mention, yet it is….. ”
Know Your Audience” and stage accordingly.

Why do I mention this?

Recently I was in a lovely staged model home.  Upon entering the master bedroom my first thought is “This is nice.”  Then looking through my Home Stager eyes, I noticed that the space was very feminine.  The two large pictures were, 1) of flowers and 2) of a women, accessories were flowery and feminine, the colors were soft and muted, there were tons of pillows on the bed.  You get the idea.

What the staging lacked was a “masculine” appeal.

Since it was a 3 bedroom home, I’ll bet they intended to also market it to families too.  With that said… Where is dad?

Know your audience!  Stage for both genders and blend styles that will appeal to each of them.  It’s easier than you think.

In this particular example, here are five easy fixes that would still appeal to both genders.

  • Remove at least half the pillows from the bed.                                                    How many men do you know that like that look?
  • Change the picture of “a women” to a picture of “a loving couple”.                 Include a guy in the room.
  • Use a scenery picture instead of the flower one.                                             Maybe something with mountains or woods.
  • Accessorize one side of the bed with a wooden box.                                         Instead of a flowery vase.
  • Add a dark earthy colored throw on the bed to accent the soft muted colors.  Helps ground the space and balance the energies.

It’s really easier than you think to include both genders when Staging a room.  The trick is… to think about it!

Stage to the audience… not just your taste.


5 Surprising Home Buyer Turn-Offs

Home buyers have “turn-offs”… who knew!  Ha Ha.

I am surprised at how much people’s preferences when buying a new home have changed.  A great article that was recently recommended by Kim Cybulski, Realtor at Dale Sorensen Real Estate Inc., that enlightened me.

The article is by “Ask Tara @ Trulia“  Notice the second item on the list.  I have copied the beginning of it here…

Item # 2. Your stuff.  Yes – your taste is immaculate.  But it’s your taste.  What buyers are really looking for when they come to view a home is a palate on which they can envision easily applying their tastes. 

I agree with what the Tara pointed out.  What I want to share is “To depersonalize and neutralize without losing the warmth of the home.”  Sure packing up your “family photos, collections, etc.” is important.  Yet, keeping one or two photos of people having fun adds so much warmth and heart to a space.

Remember it’s a home… not just a house.  Help buyers feel good by infusing this type of positive energy in the home.  If the space is too stark, it feels cold and uninviting.

Redesign Tip – Furniture Arrangement

You Talking to Me?… or Just Talking!

Conversations are enhanced when people are facing each other.  The furniture arrangement in a room often encourages, or discourages, people from talking.

You know you have a “discouraging conversation arrangement” when it looks like…  The furniture police came in and said… “Everything up against the wall!”

Bring pieces closer together, angle them towards each other to create a more intimate setting, and invite conversation.

It’s that easy!

Redesign Tip – Lighting

I’m in the Mood for… Love, Reading, Crafts, Games?

Lighting is an essential element that affects the mood and feelings of a room.  In order to accomplish a variety of moods, have an assortment of lights throughout the space.

Often a ceiling light is rarely used, so have a minimum of three lamps, preferably in a triangle arrangement, with various wattages to provide what you need… for when you are in the Mood!

Redesign Tip – Mirrors

Mirror Mirror on the Wall…  What is your mirror telling you? 

When placing a mirror in a room the major determining factor for where to put it is… “What will the mirror be reflecting?”

Think of a mirror as another piece of art.  If it is reflecting a ceiling, as often is the case above a fireplace mantel, then you may have a dull blank piece of art on the wall.

Utilize mirrors where they can reflect a beautiful image, such as across from a window which also adds additional light in the room.

Redesign Tip – Knick Knacks

Knick-Knack Patty Whack… Give My Cup Some Room!

End Tables and coffee tables add to the comfort of a room when you are able set a cup down on them.  Don’t we need a place to rest that book when the phone rings?  Overloading accessories in a room often gives a feeling of clutter and chaos.

Keep knick-knacks to a minimum and select only the best displaying.  Remember… Function First when it comes to all tabletops!

Welcome to “The Space Arranger” website and blog.

I’m Debbie DeBie, (pronounced “DB”)                             The Space Arranger, a Certified Redesigner and     Home Stager, as well as a natural born organizer.

The unique seasoning of my gypsy life adds flavor when I’m redesigning spaces.  Born in Lansing, Michigan I spent many hours playing Barbie dolls with my sisters.  While they were into the shoes and clothes, I was having fun rearranging the Barbie house furniture.

Guess that was the first clue of my passion.

I’ve lived in nine states, have moved 27 times, and experienced a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and styles of homes. Each came with its own set of distinctive features and constraints when arranging home furnishings.  Combined, these fun challenges are equal to a “Masters Degree” of rearranging home furnishings. (That’s my story and I’m sticking with it!)

My formal certification in Redesign and Home Staging was in Kansas City, MO in 2005.  A Redesign graduate from I.R.I.S. (Interior Redesign Industry Specialist) and Home Staging through the National Redesign Institute (N.R.I.)

Being a natural born organizer, and former associate member of N.A.P.O. (National Organization of Professional Organizers), I focus on function first in a space.  In both Redesign and Home Staging the process draws forth the natural beauty and flow in a room.  Add careful listening to a client’s needs, intuitive selection of items, and a deep desire to have fun in what I do… Well, that’s a formula for a success!

I especially love teaching clients how to transform their own space.  Redesign isn’t theory, it’s a practical hands-on experience, which is unique to their room shape and size.  The combination of their individual home furnishings and accessories make each space very personalized.

My life path has blessed me with a variety of skills, training, and opportunities, some of which include:

  • Certified Redesigner
  • Certified Home Stager
  • Professional Organizer
  • Hypnotherapy Practitioner
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner
  • Every Word Has Power, Life Coach
  • CEO Space Graduate
  • Dale Carnegie Graduate
  • Fast Track Graduate, Kauffman Foundation
  • Self-directed Learner and Brainstorming Facilitator
  • A member of Beachsiders Toastmasters Club
  • A Community Board Member of Harvest Food and Outreach Center
  • A proud member of B.P.O.E. (The Elks) Lodge 1520
I reside in Florida’s Treasure Coast area.

Debbie DeBie – The Space Arranger – (772) 359-8382 -